Public outdoor swimming pools near Daan dist., Taipei

Hi all,
With the summer heat approaching, outdoor swimming would be nice. I was wondering if there is any outdoor swimming pool in the central areas of Taipei, like say Daan dist.
I found this old thread:

I can only see the Dahu pool in Yucheng park still operating. Does anyone know of others?

Since people don’t dare have sunshine to touch their skin, outdoor pools are not the most popular.

NTU has outdoor pool like nt$100 or something.

Also play park Road Castle

No. 199號, Shuiyuan Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 108

Youth Park outdoor pool.

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Thanks I’ll check those out. Pity Taipeindoesnt have more outdoor pools. It’s one of my favorite ways to beat the heat.

Thanks. This looks great.

Also a beautiful park with golf driving range, and Sushi Express across the street.

NTU and Youth Park pools never look open to me, I’m going to use if open?
I’m thinking Covid-19 may be keeping them closed for a bit?