Public Schools and Sub License

Hi all, I have lazily researched this, but to no satisfaction…

I have began to get bothered by this outfit claiming to be working for, or on behalf of Hsinchu City schools. The website is not gov, and just shows some Jr High in HC. Anyway, the requirements are “an APRC and Teaching License” that leaves me out, I do not have a teaching license. And I kindly replied to tell the person that.

They said, in Taiwan all is needed is a government issued sub license, and to apply at the Illinois Dept of Ed to get one. (they have no residency requirments).

This sounds a little shady to me. One, its sounds too good, and too easy. As the saying goes, it probably is. Two, the person kept harping about the APRC. I have a family based ARC and told them that. I do not need a work permit. They completely glaze over that and insist I need an APRC or they will have to sponsor a work permit.

And a video. A 3 min video I am supposed to make. I guess that sounds legit, but I have no idea how to kill 3 minutes talking about me.

Does this sound on the up and up? Or are somethings just getting lost in the ether?

Huge red flag, they obviously have NFI what they are doing.

I used to work as recruiter, in my experience, sub license is good enough to get a work permit, however the license must be valid to date. Some of the government program will specify " no sub teaching licenses", so not all public schools accepts sub license.

secondly, if you obtained ARC through marriage, your ARC should have a Chinese sentence written in red ink saying " holder of this ARC do not require a work permit to work", so if APRC is alright with the school, there is no reason why they are not accepting ARC obtained through marriage.

Asking for a teaching demo video is quite common, teach a few vocabulary you’ll easily cover more than 3 min.

I hope this helps

First of all,
Illinois requires a bachelor’s degree to get a sub license, as well as a district/regional office to validate. It’s also insanely expensive to register, and you have to have an Illinois residency to register through the system.
I have a sub and TA license, as well as an educators license here. I leave next week to get out of here.
I recommend looking through a different agency, because that’s covered in red flags. Pubic schools in Taiwan, to my knowledge, research and from the MOE/BOCA/MOFA reps I’ve worked with, require a teaching license, so I don’t think these people are looking to make you a legit teacher in a legit public school.
Sorry to burst any bubble.

Thanks. The lady quoted me US$120, the IL website I think said it was $50, although I am sure there are other costs added later. I dunno. Maybe things have changed.

The thing I am worried about is that she said they would take me while my license was “pending”. I have a BA with a decent GPA, and a good enough background to get into TW, but…when it comes to dealing with states, different states have different qualifications. I think MO, another state she mentioned to try, requires a drug test on top of fingerprints.