Public Transport to Ho huan Shan

I plan to visit Ho huan Shan this chinese new year.
I have learnt that the road is quiet steep and old cars may be a bad idea to take there.Since my car is a 10 year old one i donot want to take the risk.

so what other ways can one go to Ho huan shan , as per my research i have come to know that there is a parking lot near ho huan.This is around
37 km from ho huan . What can i do after this?

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

I allreasy have the hotel bookings only plannign how to go there.


There used to be a local bus from Wushe which is the main town on the way up to Hohuan. Assume hourly during the day.
I caught this bus many years ago, but it stopped about 6km short of actually reaching Mt.Hohuan. Pretty easy to hitch hike the remaining km or just enjoy the magnifiecent views by foot for a while.

Have also heard recently that the road is shut off at certain times during the day to the general public (If using a car) as due to snow / ice it’s considered dangerous. Not sure the exact times or if infact this is still in process. Advise to check.

Hope you get a clear view as the scenery is truly spectacular.