Punk rock

Wondering about the punk sub-culture that may or may not exist in Taiwan. Likely Taipei, but information on any city would be helpful. Thanks…

From what IO’ve heard there’s more of a punk scene in Taizhong, They’re called Feiren Bang, which means something like ‘Waster Gang’. Froma few newspaper articles over the last couple of years, they seem to have a pretty punk attitude.


check out geocities.com/leekrecords/

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Vicious Circle is hosting a punk party on August 29, 2003. I think Vicious Circle’s shop is no. 12, lane 96, Kunming Street in Taipei. You can probably get tickets and info there.

It starts at 16:00 and some of the bands that will be there are Spunka, Hotpink and Silly What. Plenty more, though.
I don’t know how to write the address here. I think it’s 5F no.17 Sec 1 Ren ai Road, near the 228 Park, but I’m reading that from the Chinese that was on the poster, so I’ll have to check. :blush: