Puppies needing adoption

We came across these puppies hiding under a car behind our community in Xindian. There was no sign of their parents, even after a week. Together with one of our neighbors, my partner and I were leaving them some food and water, but they wouldn’t come out from under the car. Finally, our neighbor was able to gather them up and took them home. My partner and I gave them baths last night and will take them to the vet today for check ups and the first set of shots. They seem to be in overall good health and aside from still being a little afraid, they have gentle temperaments. There are 2 boys and 2 girls.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in adopting one or more of them, please send me a PM.


(The pictures were taken before they were cleaned up.)

We just took them to the vet where they had their ears cleaned, were dewormed and deflea’d. They will go back in a couple days for their first shots. They weigh-in between 2.5 and 3.5 kg and the vet figures they’re between 2 and 3 months old.

You can see more pictures at:

craigsenglish.com/gallery/ma … temId=7605

This girl is the quiet shy one of the littler. In the beginning, she often hid behind the others, especially big sister. She’s so gentle and often crawls into my lap and quickly falls asleep.

Someone please step up and give these pups a good home.

Oh they are so cute! I’m passing the pics around the office, hopefully someone will be interested. :pray:

Thanks for that.

If you want to give Chinese speakers a link to a post with info in Chinese:


The puppies really are adorable, and have such perfect temperaments to make good pets.

I’ve created a poster with details in PDF format. If you’re willing to print, post and forward the poster via e-mail to others, please send me your e-mail in a PM.

Update, and bump…

3 of these 4 adorable puppies have been adopted. One was adopted through the meet pets web site, one was adopted at the Jianguo flower market on Saturday and one was adopted by the family who was helping us find homes for them.

There is just 1 remaining; the sweet, timid one. Well, she’s not as timid as before. Once they became more comfortable around people, this one became very playful and curious. The last time we took them to the vet for a follow-up, the whole time we were in the car, she had her head poking out of the box looking all over the place. She loves to snuggle and play. She also seems to be potty training quickly. She is going to be a great pet. The challenge may be that her colors are too…‘special’. She is a mutt, through and through. But you know they say mutts make the best pets.

If you know anyone who might be interested, please contact me: CraigGDodge@gmail.com

Final update:

The last of the four puppies, and my favorite, was adopted on Monday by a young couple in Danshui. It was with very mixed feelings that we parted with her; relief, concern, sadness. We grilled the couple, asking them all kinds of questions to make sure they would take good care of our little girl.

Anyway, all four have homes. We will have to have faith that these people will take good care of them. Thanks to anyone who helped us spread the word.

Yeah!!! :bravo: