Purchasing glasses

ok I put down a deposit of 2000 for this pair of glasses, but now I decided that I don’t really need it. So can I just let them have the deposit and don’t pick it up? or do I have to purchase it since they already ordered the glasses?

also I heard that they make a huge amount from glasses, so how to bargain for it like I mean how much % off can I ask without them beating me up?

any one?

That’s the point of any deposit, really. If you don’t show, they keep the dough. That’s their security, and they fully expect 23.48% (or some similar percentage) of people not to show.

I’d be trying to get the deposit back and not pay for the glasses.

You could call them back and tell them you don’t want the glasses anymore. Best case: you get the money back. Worst case: they keep your money and give you a gypsy curse over the phone.

If your deposit is NT$2,000 then how much are the glasses? We’re talking about the glasses you put on your face to help you see, right? It’s pretty easy to get a good looking pair for under NT$2k all-in and my gf somehow manages to get loads of free stuff too.

lens plus frame is 10,000 and that’s after 30% off

It might be an idea to let the deposit go and with the 8,000 you’ll have saved go to any university area and pick up a pretty decent pair for around NT 1,800 max. You’ll get a lot of change back!

The last pair I bought was in Mucha, near Cheng Zhi University and they cost NT 1,300. ALso, Yung Ho is cheap, Chung Ho is even cheaper.

WTF is “purching glasses”…?

Was wondering about that as well, presumably meant to be “purchasing” now that I see how the thread is developing. Wonder if Ironfist will get the same childish drubbing from Loretta that was handed out to another poster recently?
On topic, if you haven’t gone back already/before they ordered the frames for you, I guess you either lose the deposit or pay for the glasses. To everyone else comparing the prices they’ve paid for frames, it makes absolutely no sense unless you know details on what Ironfist ordered.

Whaaaattt? Sorry, but even for designer frames you’ve been well and truly stuffed. Go in, give them a sob story about how you’re a poor student and realised you can’t really afford them, get the deposit back then go somewhere else (suggest nightmarkets/student areas). NT$2,500 absolute tops for a really nice pair. I got quoted NT$13,500 for a pair of RGP contact lenses and in the end it came down to NT$4,600 with 4 free travel cases + solution. Don’t pay ticket price.

I can agree dont pay sticker price, and there is always a percent off because they want to be your friend or some BS sale, BUT depending on the glass (not he frames) the price can be a lot different. My wife’s glasses are always 2x-3x more than mine. Every shop here and back home is the same. Frames don’t change in price. 10K sounds high, but with my wifes glass in non-designer frames came to around 7K, mine with same brand frame were 2500.

there are a bunch of glasses shop around the shi-ling area, a pair of glasses there should not cost more than 2000NT including frame and all. If you paid more than that you paid too much.

I just bought my first pair of glasses ever last week. I was adventist hospital for something else entirely and I noticed they had an occulist office so I first got the eye check for the prescription and then went next door to their glasses shop.

The check up cost about NT$300 and the frames I liked best just happened to be the cheapest at about NT$850. They then offered me a couple of levels up for the lenses starting from cheap scratchable plastic up to unsctrachable glass. I forget what the increment was in each level but I took the top level unscratchable glass. Total was $3750.

I did not comparison shop because I had no idea anywhere else I could get it all done in English and I figured Adventist, being a reputable hospital, wouldn’t rip me off. I checked with Taiwanese friends who say I did not pay too much and some have paid upwards of NT$5,000 for light, frameless glasses. All in all I am very pleased with the service and glasses I got at Adventist. They are very good for healthcare also, btw.

Last pair of glasses I bought, I noticed the sides were slightly unbalanced (imbalanced?) when I tried them on - you know, when the right lens looks higher than the left or whatever - anyway, just needed a slight adjustment at the sides and then they were fine.

Interesting thing though, when I asked the guy to adjust them, he said, “Oh, there’s nothing wrong with the glasses, one of your ears must be higher than the other…” Really…?

We should start a thread for “Taiwanese excuses!”

ok the sticker price for the lenses and frame are like 14300, he gave me some discount to 10600, but when he called me to pick it up I was like oh man I don’t got no money I can only pay 6k total, and he was like that’s way too low, I will give you 9600, heh I am just going to wait it out since I am not in a rush.