Qantas pulls all international flights until March 2021

Flights to the US, Asia and Europe will now be serviced through partner airlines, including Emirates, British Airways and Cathay Pacific.

The move was designed to prevent new bookings being made with Qantas. All previously arranged flights will remain in place.

Qantas’ decision comes jusat weeks after the airline slashed 6,000 jobs - 20 per cent of its workforce - and chief executive Alan Joyce predicted international flights were unlikely to resume until July 2021.

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There is a reason for March 28 too - the Airlines have two seasons, roughly in line with the Europe Summer Time changes. They always roll out new timetables at that time, not just +/- 1 hour either. Mind you, the Australian Government is making it harder to fly to/from there as well, seems they have decided that Quarantine is costing too much, so the cost will now be worn by the passenger (was the States paying) and arrivals dropped even further as States whingeing about a few Positive tests from travellers - who like Taiwan, are all in Quarantine too. Then to add more insult, because the numbers who can travel have been reduced, the Airlines have apparently decided that Business Class Tickets get preference, to the point that in some cases, the only tickets that can be purchased are Business Class. Emirates and Qatar are the two main carriers at present.

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Actually, Qantas have done the right thing in pulling the flights from what can be booked.

I have heard of some airlines who have a large schedule of available flights, so people book them, only to cop an email a few hours later advising that their flight has been cancelled and only offering a Credit Voucher, not a refund. Scumbags.
Qantas is offering refunds (they didnt initially, but seem to have got a nudge from the Government). Here in Taiwan, China Airlines at least (probably Eva too) offer full refunds.


very good airline company


I’d imagine the whole planet would be grounded for at least 6-12 months due to the present pandemic.

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We are about 4 months in so far - most of the restrictions started around Mid-March.

Not unless you’re in America.

They are flying most days to Wellington, 坎特伯雷 (Canterbury)- CHC and Queenstown

You did see the date of the last post I presume.

Anyway, Qantas are flying to/from NZ now as a Travel bubble has existed for a couple of months, no Quarantine at either end.