Qizhang (Xindian District)

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Just signed up to the forums here. I was in Shida for two years and am going back to Taipei in a few weeks to do another stint teaching English. I’m looking at a place to live in Qizhang, Xindian County…and was wondering if anyone else lives there or just knows anything about the place? i.e. supermarkets, pool halls, any local conveniences or lack of? How long does it take to get in to Taipei Main (as I think I remember the MRT stops stretching out a lot more down that line)…Pretty much any info at all would be helpful.

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Eh, first of all, Qizhang is part of Xindian City, which is also part of Taipei County.

This means you will be in the middle of the action. Big mall with Carrefour supermarket, lots of restaurants, lots of construction going on now by the way. Many foreigners like to live in the new building on top of the MRT station -Qizhang station, by the way-, very convenient, a bit pricey.

It is 22 minutes to Taipei Main Station by MRT. Buses are plenty, transportation is convenient to link to other parts of the city. It is a bustling, crowded area.

Pool halls are a bit out of fashion now, but other amenities include hiking, biking, night market in Jinmei, tea time at Bitan, etc.


Cheers for that. All very useful.

Does anyone know of any decent restaurants that close late in/near Qizhang? By the time I get home (11ish) most places have already closed and I’m getting a bit sick of UberEats :laughing:

Btw, there’s a really good Thai place at

No. 2號, Lane 97, Section 2, Beixin Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City, 231
02 2912 7891

and, yes, they have an English menu!

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Up here in Dapinglin we have a couple 24 hour ones.


Cash City is usually open until 2 or 3am.