Quality family friendly hotels in Kenting

We are heading back to Taiwan for a holiday next month and taking a few days in Kenting.

Have stayed at the Chateau before, but looking for something different this time. Any nice hotels right on the water in town other than Chateau? Smaller boutique type places are just fine.

Many thanks.

There is no other hotel located right on the water except Chateau. That’s why it’s fully booked even the price is high. There are many great B&B in Kending. If you can read Chinese, link to “uukt.com.tw”, you got the options of hundereds of B&B and hotels.

For family-friendly accommodation, you might want to check out this website. lohascabin.url.tw

Good luck for hotel hunting~ :sunglasses:

Thanks for that, shame you arent closer to the beach…

We will be also going to Yi-Lan if anyone knows of nice places to stay there… anywhere really…

I’d suggest sending a PM to chung. He doesn’t post very often but he pays very careful attention to what’s happening here in terms of hotels, B&Bs, homestays, etc., and has posted info on some VERY cool places, including some beautiful architect-designed B&Bs and homestays in the Yilan area.

Ok, here are some places you might consider. It’s important to note that none of these spots are within easy reach of public transportation, so use of a car or motorcycle is required.

Banana Bay Hotel, Kenting
Tel. 08-8851600;0928957600
tw.myblog.yahoo.com/bananabay-am … l=f&fid=51

  • bus every hour from Kenting?

Moon Rise Inn, Dulan, Taidong
Tel. 089- 531-065

  • no bus service

N.gsuah Yumin-Silan, Songluo, Yilan
Tel. 0928-076-173

  • bus once a day to Luodong

Fufushan Lodge 夫婦山口雅渡休閒農場, Fuxing, Taoyuan
Tel. 0925-538-865
tw.myblog.yahoo.com/jw!Son5nmqTE … le?mid=501
tw.myblog.yahoo.com/jw!8Ko_HvSRG … e?mid=2346

  • four hour walk from the nearest Beihen bus stop

Edit: The upper floors of 658-1 Fanchuan Rd are also quite pleasant. Certainly head and shoulders above anything in the Kenting ghetto.