Quality of Education in Taipei

This is a request to anyone who can provide names of schools in Taipei, public or private, which are actively using constructivist methods and good pedagogy – instructional organizers (multiple learning intelligences, gender, learning disabilities), strategies (cooperative learning, mind mapping), tactics (think/pair/share, walkabout), etc. – instead of transmittal “spray and pray” teaching – instruct, worksheets, test… maybe play a game.

Does Taipei European School?

In this thread kaipakati wrote about Datun Guoxiao in/near Beitou. I read some more about this school (and the like) and am hopeful and impressed so far, but know nothing of the quality of education so would be particularly interested for information about this school if anyone’s got info.

Ha ha, you may have opened a bit of a can of worms there. Datun Guoxiao’s style of education, as it is a public school, would be along the lines of spray and pray, though it has many other advantages. Public schooling in Taiwan, at elementary level at least, isn’t as old-fashioned and regimented as you probably imagine. As in all educational systems, things vary a lot between schools and teachers. We’re quite happy with the school my son currently attends. Does your child speak Chinese?

You might be interested in this school: seedling.tw/students.php. I’ve heard there’s a similar one in Neihu but I can’t find any details on it.

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Anything new on this front? I don’t know all the terms @MisterSanders mentions but they sound good to me. I’m looking for experimental primary/elementary schools in Taipei or Taoyuan that would be child-directed enough for my kids (9 & 5 yo) to be comfortable picking up Mandarin.

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