Quality Teenage Conversation Class?

Anyone know a genuinely good language school with good quality conversation classes for teenagers?

My landlord’s daughter is 18 and a good kid - despite only having learnt English at high school, she nevertheless can have natural conversations with me on a wide variety of topics, and she’s even reading some English websites I’ve recommended. Not bad at all. She is enthusiastic about America and wants to learn English conversation at a good school so that she can go there one day i.e. she is talented and motivated. Apart from that, she is a typical Taiwanese teenager and I don’t think an adults’ class would be suitable.

[After-edit:] Must be in Taipei, preferably near the MRT and preferably on the green/red line. Must obviously have native English speaking teachers taking the classes.

Any suggestions? :flowers:

the best language school for really talking that i ever worked for was a little place in yangmei, taoyuan (south of chungli) called jessie’s magic english school. the head teacher (jessie)is the owner. alot of her students have placed highly in national speech competitions. her son WON the contest while his little sister speaks almost native level english. the older kids native teacher, douglas, also has his own school. is a family man in taiwan and has lives nearby. it is a small school with a firm commitment to creating a positive english environment.

the telephone is 478-5558. all the office girls speak fine english.


Oh, thanks for that. I guess I forgot to say she’s living in Taipei city and wants somewhere accessible preferably by MRT and preferably the green/red line or perhaps blue line.

Europa, why discount adult class? At Elite I had a 12 year old in my adult class who spoke better English than anyone else. The thing she (like most Taiwanese) needed most was confidence. I think the challenge of being in with that group forced her out of her Confucian shell.

She (like most Taiwanese) have to challenge themselves. I don’t want to ski with a bunch of beginners. I want to be with those guys that drop into some gnarly chute. I don’t want to play hockey with guys whose slapshot I can time with a calendar. I wanna see more rubber than an East Hastings Ho on a Welfare Wednesday. Challenge, risk, no fear…

Of all the schools I’ve researched, I believe Elite to be one of the most reasonably priced and user friendly English Stores around. She’d have to choose her classes wisely, however, cuz there’s one teacher…long blond hair, penchant for loudmouths, can be often found seeking a towel, any towel.

[quote=“To keep things clear for those who miss his nuantic ways, Toe Save jokingly”]She’d have to choose her classes wisely, however, cuz there’s one teacher…long blond hair, penchant for loudmouths, can be often found seeking a towel, any towel.

Sorry, Europa…Elite, Taipei Main Station behind Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, in the same buiding as Pizza Hut. 5th Floor. They also have a Sogo branch. But that’s on the blue line so I’ll moot myself, if that’s ok with you. :wink:

I like it…I think she will too.


Yeah, gotta be sure you get the right teacher.

Well, maybe, but it has to be teenage kind of topics to talk about - that’s what she says she’s interested in. Okay, maybe it doesn’t matter so much if it’s on the red/green line: anyone else got an idea?