Quality wicker baskets (to use for gift baskets)

I’m looking for small/med size wicker baskets to use as gift baskets. They have to be good enough to give as a gift-holder. I contacted the supplier in the forumosa directory but no response. Does anyone know of somewhere I could contact? Island-wide is OK.

I don’t know who you can call but recently I was in all the DIY stores near Yanping S. Road and a few of them sell small, pretty good bamboo and wicker baskets. The one just west of Yanping (it’s HUGE and has a giant “DIY” sign) on Chang’an’s north side has a small selection, as does the faux flower shop at the intersection of Chang’an and…crap I forget the name but I think it’s Taiyuan St/Rd/something. 1 or 2 blocks east of Chongqing at a clear 4 way intersection.

Also, IKEA sells a lot of small wicker basket type things of what I’d say is reasonable quality.