Quarantine hotel fire safety

I will be moving to Taiwan in a few months. In my understanding, I have to remain in a quarantine hotel for 14 days. I googled and found that 4 people died in a hotel while being in quarantine this year. I was wondering which criteria I should keep in mind when I choose the hotel so that the chance is low. I know that, the chance is already very low. But, just being careful and researching a bit to find the safest hotel possible.

I remember that incident. There was a foreign domestic worker who had fully recovered from her asymptomatic or mildly flu-like symptomatic infection, but her Taiwan host family would not let her back into their home out of fear of catching COVID!

The Indonesian national in question died of smoke asphyxiation during the fire in the hotel and the CDC dutifully counted her as a COVID death.

That woman is one of the “843 individuals who
have succumbed to the disease.” as reported by Taiwan News today.


Taiwanese racism at its worst… blaming the SEA workers for a virus made in a Chinese lab and introduced into Taiwan by someone going to a whorehouse.

In general international branded hotels have higher fire safety standards, as they need to meet brand requirements in addition to statutory codes. See if you can find any quarantine hotels under Marriott or IHG brands.

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if they throw you into a place without a window, refuse it.

also if there is a fire. FUCKING LEAVE the building.

during the fire that killed 4, the hotel manager told everyone to stay in their rooms because he was more scared of covid than the fucking fire.


Also, 1999 is your best friend. Call and file complaints about any and everything that you think is suspicious. Point out the number of fire escapes (I believe there is supposed to be three), etc. filing complaints with 1999 makes life miserable for anyone working in the hotel, and they will go out of their way to make sure you stop being a pain in the ass

Stay at a Q hotel that’s in a standalone building, not in a mixed-use one.

I intend to stay in Taipei. The rent can be high too. I have to keep everything in mind.