Quarantine hotel refund for ARC holders?

I know Taiwanese can get a refund/semi refund for their quarantine hotel. Can ARC holders also get this refund? What if when you were doing the quarantine you didn’t have your ARC yet (visitor visa), but got your ARC afterwards?

I think only if you have a Taiwan employer and you aren’t able to be paid wages during the quarantine. The application forms are all in Chinese. I haven’t submitted mine yet since I don’t believe my self employment qualifies.

Foreigners on ARC can apply for
受隔離、檢疫者和其照顧者防疫補償 (中央衛福部)
if you meet some criteria. It is 1000NTD / day.

Iirc, I’ve read somewhere that if you get an ARC and the periods of ARC validity and quarantine are overlapped, you can apply for this.

Hotels can apply for
防疫旅館補助 (中央衛福部)
If the guest is a Taiwanese. It is 800NTD / day.

In Taipei, citizens can apply for
If you stay at an approved hotel. It is 500NTD / day.
Other local governments also have similar rules, but I don’t know if you should be a citizen or not in other places.


here’s a guide to the process:

but the link to the online application is broken - anyone know what is the working link?
EDIT: this is the link, but it doesn’t work with VPN active

There is a subsidy (currently NT$800/day) by the Tourism Bureau paid directly to the hotel if the guest is a Taiwanese national or an ARC holder. You get a reduced rate, but won’t get a refund if you already paid the full price.

If a person has “hukou” in Taipei City, they can apply for an additional NT$500/day (up to NT$7,000) from the Taipei City government paid directly to them, if they stay at a quarantine hotel or quarantine at home while their family stay at a hotel within Taipei City. ARC holders do not qualify.

There is also a compensation of NT$1,000/day (up to NT$15,000) for lost wage due to quarantine for Taiwanese nationals and ARC holders. You will need proof from your employer or an affidavit attesting that you did not get paid during the quarantine. I did not apply, as I was working full-time during my quarantine and receiving regular pay.

I don’t think someone holding a visitor visa during their quarantine qualifies for any of the above.


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