Quarantine Hotel

Hey everybody! I’m about two weeks away from flying to Taiwan and I’m having problems finding a quarantine hotel. I already booked a hotel I confused for one of the hotels on the list of government approved hotels, but it turns out they are not specifically for quarantine guest. Can anyone direct me to a place that is not completely booked? I have gone through this list a dozen times and they are all completely booked. Airbnbs are out of the question because, from what I’ve heard, most of them are illegal and I won’t get the government stipend if I stay in one.

If I show up and go to the hotel I have already booked, do you think there will be problems with me checking in and just staying in the room for two weeks? I don’t plan on breaking any of the rules and I just want a place to stay. Any help or advice that could lead to a peaceful transition to this country would be very appreciated!

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