Quarantine outside of Taipei for non-Taiwanese citizen?

Hi all,

I am from Australia and will be arriving in Taiwan in a few weeks. Just wondering if any knows if I am able to do my mandatory quarantine outside Taipei? I can only find a list of places that are approved in Taipei, from the Taipei City Goverment website. I have heard from someone that they did their quarantine in Taichung, and that his taxi fare from Taoyuan airport to Taichung was only about $1100 TWD because there’s some sort of fixed price with the government. Is it possible to do this? I can’t find any information at all about hotels accepting quarantine outside Taipei. Any help would be great! Thanks!

As far as I know, you can do the Quarantine anywhere, and in fact it will be cheaper if done outside of Taipei.

The Web site is horrible, but look down the Right Side and you will see the various County/City Contacts - ringing them should result in you being given a list.

For Taichung the number is listed as +886 988 128 807

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