Quarantine System for Entry - no taiwanese phone number


My and my Taiwanese wife are leaving France and moving to Taiwan at the end of November. I got my resident visa, plane tickets, and I just booked our stay in a government quarantine facility.

I got a notice with my visa asking me to go through Taiwan’s quarantine system for entry before boarding the plane. I took a look at the form, they are asking for phone numbers, but we only have our french numbers.

I am trying to find some clarification about the correct timing for filling out these forms.

  1. Will the airline (Eva air) request a proof of completion of the quarantine system for entry procedure before letting us boarding the plane?

  2. If we fill the forms in France within 48 hours of departure and put in our french phone numbers, will we be able to get the confirmation sms necessary to go through custom and to get to the quarantine center?

  3. Should we wait to get to Taiwan, buy sim cards at the airport and fill the forms only then?

I have seen some conflicting info on the subject.


You can get a SIM card at the airport when you arrive.
After receiving the SIM card you can update form by dialing 1922. They won’t call you until the day after you arrive. Then they will follow up with daily text messages.
EVA air didn’t check my forms the 2 times that I’ve traveled during the pandemic. However, Taoyuan International Airport will check it. Make sure you fill out your name EXACTLY how it reads on your passport.

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I don’t think there is any sim card store in the custom control area. Once you leave the custom control area, you will be directed to the PCR testing booths and taxi queues. You will not be allowed to stop by any stores.

There is. As soon as you get off the plane, you are funneled into a long line. A worker will come to check to see if you have gotten the text message from the CDC, and if you do not have a Taiwan phone number you will be redirected to another line of people selling SIM cards. This is all before immigration, as soon as you get off the plane. After that, you will go through the temperature and QR code (which you will get after you register with your Taiwan phone number) checks, immigration, baggage claim and customs. After customs you will get the home covid test and then line up to go outside for the PCR test. Before you go outside, you can stop at an ATM if needed.

To the OP, what friends in this position have done is just fill out the form before the flight using their foreign phone number, and then buy a SIM card on arrival in Taiwan. Just make sure that you have the address in Chinese for your quarantine hotel. Many of the CDC people working at the airport are very nice, so they will definitely help and can speak English if you need.


As Starla said, first fill out the form using your foreign number and save the document as an image to your phone. The airline will require to see it.

Next upon arrival everyone will be funneled towards an area to fill out & check the form. This area also sells SIM cards. Everyone will be standing around in a tangled mess, find a worker and say “SIM card” and they will show you to the line for purchasing SIM cards. Once you have a TW SIM card, fill out the form one more time with proper local number. You will then receive a text message with a link to the finalized document you need to get through customs. Take two screenshots, one of page 1 (for airport) and one of page 2 (for quarantine hotel).


Great, this is the info I needed, thank you!