Question about degree and transcript verification

“Bring several official copies of your college BA diploma and transcripts. These must be stamped by your local Taiwan representative office.”

I’m not sure how I should go about doing this.

Do you have them stamped in the US or Taiwan?

I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a transcript for my degree. And I definitely didn’t bring one to Taiwan, it definitely wasn’t stamped and I had no problems. The degree alone, also unstamped, was sufficient.

His website is a little inaccurate on this point, I think. If you want work at a Taiwanese university, and you have a PhD (or at bare minimum, a Master’s) then you will need to provide your transcripts and diploma. Otherwise, if you’re just getting a job at a cram school, you just need to bring your diploma (bring the actual diploma with you).

I’ve done more research and have come upon a general conscious; it may be wise to have your transcripts and official copies of your degree stamped at the TECO represented in the region from which you will depart. (For example, if you are leaving from L.A., have them stamped at the office in L.A.) As to why this should be done, I’m not sure :slight_smile:


Preventing from forged documents to be used … happened a lot

I have had copies of my degrees and transcripts certified by TECO in Melbourne. I arranged this by mail while I was in Taiwan.

In my experience I have not needed certified copies while applying for a work permit in Taiwan. However, I needed them to apply for a university course and scholarship in Taiwan.

If you do need to do it just contact the TECO or other Taiwan representative office nearest to you in your home country and ask them what to do.