Question about Master's at NSYSU

Hello everyone.

Background: I am an international student (non-Taiwanese), and am applying (or intending to apply) to several Master’s programmes in the general area of political science, both in Taiwan and internationally. I have an interest in political theory (especially Confucian approaches to political theories), and East and Southeast Asian comparative politics. I am also interested in pursuing a doctorate after my Master’s, preferably at an Anglo-American university. But this last bit would greatly depend on how things work out eventually.

Questions: I would like to ask if anyone knows anything about NSYSU’s IPS and its Master’s programme? I tried looking for comments about NSYSU’s IPS online, both in English and Mandarin, but I didn’t find much. So, if anyone knows anything about IPS, or NSYSU in general, I would be most grateful if you would share. Specifically, I would like to know:

  1. Is the programme rigorous? Or, in generally, does the academic environment at NSYSU and IPS promote rigorous academic work and debates?

  2. Are the professors good teachers? And are they approachable and helpful?

  3. Given that I may be applying to doctorate programmes in the future, what kind of support, if any, do the professors and NSYSU/IPS offer to students going through the application process?

  4. Any other comments or observations you may have about either NSYSU or IPS academically?

nb1: I am not asking about the school’s facilities/physical environment or about Kaohsiung.
nb2: I am not asking about the worth/value of pursuing a Master’s in Political Science.
nb3: I am aware of the news about Li M-J’s academic plagiarism.

I am also applying to other universities in Taipei area, including NCCU. But I would still like to know more about NSYSU, so that I can make more informed decisions eventually.

Thank you so much for reading this!

Hello everyone.
I’m just bumping this thread, and making one last attempt, to see if anyone could help me with my enquiries.
Thank you!

Good morning from a former NSYSU student! I understand your frustration because Taiwanese university websites are terribly designed, especially the English version. I didn’t study PS so I can only repeat what I heard from foreigners that I met and who were studying in the Master program that you are mentioning and the other one called IMBA. Hope it helps.

There was satisfaction as to the academic environment, I recall. A mix of foreigners and Taiwanese, the latter all English speakers (decently, at least) many of whom had previously lived overseas. This to say that there was more openness and discussions were more welcomed compared to the standard rote-learning approach. The lecturers, as much as I was told, were generally well prepared and helpful. I only heard positive feedback.

NSYSU is one of the country’s best schools. Saying that you study there will raise a chorus of “ooooooooooh” since university ranking is Taiwan is directly proportional to landing the best jobs and salaries. So back to question nr. 3, if you complete this Master and then decide to pursue a PhD, in NSYSU or other universities in Taiwan, coming from there will definitely be a huge plus point in your application.

You have probably already done it, but there might be a FB group for the NSYSU IPS Master students that you may want to join. Or you can get in touch with NSYSU OIA ( and ask them to connect you with other students.

All the best man :love_you_gesture:

Thank you so much for your reply!

I am glad to hear that the academic environment is a good one. I wouldn’t have problems with interacting with Taiwanese in Mandarin, coz I speak both English and Mandarin. In fact, one of the greatest attractions of the NSYSU IPS programme, for me at least, is its bilingual environment, and course offerings in English and Mandarin.

Thank you for suggesting the FB group. I did think about asking questions there initially, but was afraid I might only get to hear nice and ‘promotional’ things. That’s why I’m seeking opinions on other platforms. Nonetheless, I think I will still give your suggestion a try.

Once again, thank you for taking the time! I really appreciate it.

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You might want to ask about how often Taiwanese language is used in a class. When I was a college student some of the profs in southern Taiwan would speak a lot of Taiwanese.


Oh right, very good point. Thank you!
And yes, I heard a lot about NSYSU’s monkeys! lol

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They rule the campus :see_no_evil: Don’t you ever EVER eat or drink outdoors. They are so scarily smart that they can spend hours studying the dorm windows to find the one that is weaker or broken :rofl: :rofl:

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