Question about visa...2 or 3 months long?


i have a visitors visa from canada to here for 2 months, however when i looked at it today in my passport it says sept 4 - dec 4. that 3 months… does that mean i have 3 months or 2? i have heard there is no such thing as a 3 month visitor visa… does anyone know?
also, if my arc is in the works, and i’m over my 2 months, will i get deported because the 2 months is up? or will they overlook it because my permit is being worked on?


If you want to scan the appropriate page in your passport, and then email it to me, I will look at it. There should be no trouble to decipher it.

To answer your second question, you have to have a valid visa for everyday you are here up until the day your ARC is actually issued.


LOL - I made the same mistake when I first got here, and it cost me nt$1000 overstaying fee, and a quick visa run to Singapore:-)

I am assuming that the dates you are looking at are really big? That is the time during which the visa is valid for use!!!

Now look at the little round stamp that they put in your passport when you got here. Now look for the really small date on that stamp. Your 60 days start from that date.

Notice I say DAYS - not months!!

As for your second question, if you got your visa in Canada they should have given you an extendable one, so extend it when needed (about 1 week before your 60 days are up), bring some proof showing why you are extending.


I think the problem is you’re looking at the date that you are allowed to use that visa to come into the country. What you need to look at is the date that your stay expires on.