Question - Amigo Hostel

Do you or your friends have any experience living at Amigo Hostel ?
What do you think of the place ( location, service, etc… ) ?
Do they have A/C in the hostel ?

I am planning to study in Taipei in May, 2005.
Any comment is appreciated.

Thank You

I stayed there last summer. I did not like it.
Pros: -it’s convenient, right across the street from an MRT station.
-shower is hot and powerful
Cons: dirty; huge cockroaches; full of mosquitos; down a tiny little alley that a taxi won’t go down (annoying if you’ve got heavy luggage); no cooking facilities; air conditioning problems.
About the air conditioning: yes, some of the dorm rooms have air conditioners, but the single rooms don’t. The problem is that they won’t let you use the air conditioner. Each person staying in the room has to pay extra to turn it on, which is OK if the room is full and everyone wants to pay NT$80 extra a night. My problem was that there was no one else in the dorm when I stayed there, and so the owner said I had to pay NT$400 a night to use the air conditioner! How could it possibly cost that much? I was already paying NT$350 for a dorm bed. For NT$750, I could get a hotel room. For comparison, Family Hostel charges NT$1,000 extra a month to use the air conditioner - a far cry from 400 extra a day.

You’re getting ripped off. There are hotels near the central train station that only charge 500 - 600 NT per night. I’ve checked in to them. After discovering those places, I’ll never need to check into a Taipei hostel again. Not the best of hotels, but all I need is a shower and a bed to crash, and air conditioning in the hot months - without roaches on the walls and having to share a room with dodgy backpackers stumbling around drinking all night. A couple hundred NT extra for a love hotel room is well, well worth the price.