Question for desktop microphone users

I use a Snowball Ice microphone for voice dictation. It’s a solid little microphone, but sits only on a little tripod that comes with it, meaning I have to kind of bend down to talk into it when it sits on my desk.

Hence I’ve been looking at microphone stands - adjustable arms you clamp to the side of a desk and can move into position close to your mouth. They’re the kind of thing you see being used by podcasters and DJ’s.

I’ve been looking for such a microphone arm here in Taiwan. As elsewhere, they break down into broadly two types: dirt cheap and really expensive. The dirt cheap ones, or at least the ones I saw in the GuangHua Digital Plaza, tend to be between 199 and 350nt.

The more expensive varieties, such as the Blue Compass, often start at about 4000nt and up.

Has anyone used the cheap no-brand arms sold at places like GuangHua and found them to be any good? I ask because a microphone arm with a less than secure desk mount can fall and land on the floor, destroying an expensive microphone, or, worse, fall onto a keyboard or laptop.

Has anyone used, say, the Knox microphone arm, which is more mid-range in terms of price (about 1500nt) and found it to be decent or at least not likely to have a shitty clamp?