Question regarding some Charity work

I want make some charity by feeding 50 homeless people/people in need. I was thinking of lunch boxes worth ~100NT$.
I have previously donated snacks to people sitting outside Longshan Temple. But it was only for around 15-20 people. I directly went there and a person who seemed to be working there helped me distribute it.
Has anyone done something like this before? Are there any other organizations or places where I can make food donations? Am I doing it the right way?
Comments and suggestions welcome.


You might want to work with a church group. Even though we weren’t religious, my family went with a group to do charity like this a few times a year.

I remember a soup kitchen around Zhongshan MRT station. I don’t know if it’s still there. I’m sure there are Christians here who knows churches who could really use your help.

thanks for your charity.

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I am a month late to reply. Thanks for your response.
I just bough the number of lunch boxes I wanted to donate, and went to Longshan temple. As soon as I reached there, 1 of them took me to a spot and all the people in need there made a queue and took the lunch boxes 1 by 1.
I fell short of lunch boxes actually. and it was pretty quick.


Roughfly, how many homeless people you saw there?
Were they expecting you already?

What is the best way to help kids in Taiwan? Thoughts?

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They usually are expecting people come in with stuff. I took 50 lunch boxes and I think I could have even taken 70.


Are you asking about kids in general or about some kids you may know?

Kids in general that need help.

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