Questions About 7-11 Postal Services

It’s twice now I hear that 7-11 has like a shipping service where you can drop off material and things and have them sent through them.

Does the stuff sent arrive at another 7-11 and does it have to be picked up there? Is it sent to your house address? Can every 7-11 do that or is it just the ones with the green Taiwan Post signs? Do they do more than just postal services? I’m thinking for bigger items. Or is it just basically the same thing as using any postal outlet?

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I once sent a camera lens through the 7-11 postal service to a Taibei camera shop to be repaired. It arrived there the next morning and it only cost about $120NT. I even noticed a sign that said they could do refrigerated shipping, so if you wanted to get that stolen kidney to Taibei pronto, it could be done.

Thats always good to know… :whistle:

I’ve sent stuff from 7-11 a few times. Fairly good service. Stuff gets sent to the address you provide, the same way regular post does. It helps if you are able to write the address in Chinese (when I’m sending I get the persons address in Chinese, and show that to the staff at 7-11 (either printed from and email, or a business card), and they fill in the form for me).

You can also put the recipients phone# on the form, so if you don’t have the address in Chinese, and the delivery guy cannot decifer the pinyin, the delivery guy just calls the recipient and asks for the correct address.

Haven’t tried sending any kidneys though.

I just sent TC something through the 7-11. He should be receiving it later today :rainbow:

The post office was crap and wouldn’t except my package without the address written in Chinese - the 7-11 was cheap, cheerful and lacking of any queues and sticky glue stuff.

Yup me too 7/11 has been a great system for m too!
fast and reliable

Actually, Takkyubin is the courier that does the shipping … cooled, frozen and normal shipping. Takkyubin is part of the President company, so actually 7-11. It’s a good service for a good price. Although you should be carefull, I heared from people that use dthe service that sometimes the cool or freeze chain is broken because the depots where they offload to get it on other trucks to other destinations don’t have freezers or coolers installed, so pack it insulated.

I used to ship my pies directly through Takkyubin and pick-up at my place before noon guaranties delivery the same day in Taipei, next day around Taiwan.

Other convenience stores work with different couriers I suppose, although I’m not sure for a 100%.

…the 7-11 was cheap, cheerful and lacking of any queues and sticky glue stuff.[/quote]

Now that alone is a definite advantage. I can’t stand the queues at the post office. To my knowledge, Taiwan is known to have one of the best mail system in the world yet going to the post office can be quite frustrating.

Good to hear that you guys have had good experiences with 7-11 and shipping things. Thanks all for the helpful responses :slight_smile: