Questions about ARC for a new TEFL teacher

Hi all.

Sorry I am new to this website so I’m not 100% sure if there was a better place to create this topic. Feel free to redirect me. Also I have looked high and low for similar information but cannot find anything concrete or recent enough.

Basically I’m looking to teach English in Taiwan and am looking for guidance regarding the work visa. My plan is to move there without a job lined up and find something whilst out there but I have applied for some things from back home in the UK as well. I can’t however seem to find any solid info as to the ARC/visa process, most people just say ‘ask the school’ this may be true in most cases however I would need more info as to what I need to bring over with me and basically how much money I would have to spend, as well as the legality of it. So my questions are as followed (I am a UK citizen so I’d prefer responses aimed at my situation)

  1. Seems like a stupid question, but is the ARC basically your work visa? I understand that it allows you to live and work in Taiwan, allows you to buy a scooter, rent an apartment etc. I see very little info about an actual Taiwan work visa and more about the ARC which is why I’m asking

  2. What documents do I need to bring/get notarised? Obviously documents like my degree, TEFL and background check but how many of these do I need to get notarised? I’ve heard off some sources that it’s not always necessary like it is in China but it seems pretty much impossible to get it done outside of the UK so I need to know for certain.

  3. How long does the ARC take and can I work whilst its being processed? I understand you usually get the ARC from within the country whilst on a tourist visa however you obviously need a company to sponsor you for it. I’ve heard it can take up to six weeks but obviously I’m gonna be going almost two months without working and therefore earning. I’ve heard that you can work whilst your ARC is being processed but I would prefer to have more info on this in terms of legality.

Like I say most of the info I have found seems to differ and I have very mixed information. I am basically a total noob at anything Taiwan related because I was set on China for so long and have opted for Taiwan instead. Any additional info is also welcome!

work permit

Resident Visas for White Collar Workers


ARC is a certificate of your residency. You need a work permit to work.

it is written in the above three linked sites.

if you have a work permit, you can work. Processing time for the work permit is 7 working days. You need the work permit to get your ARC.

Work permit is got by your employer, and you should provide some documents to them.
Processing time for ARC is 10 work days.