Questions about teaching a very young student

A little bit of a background, I’ve been working in this cram school for three years now.This year I decided to accept the full time position as they pay was nice. All of my students are between 7 and 12 years old. My boss just told me that I would be teaching his son in a one on one class during my free time in the afternoon. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem except his son is two years old.

Now from what I understand and read on here it is illegal to teach kids under 5 or 6 English in a kindergarten. I brought this concern up with my boss who insists that it is legal since we are in a cram school. He has also threatened to fire me over it. I know I need to start looking for a new job, but does anyone have the law that says whether it’s illegal or not to teach a kid that young?

in short, teaching at kinder is illegal, and teaching kinder age kids at buxiban is legal.

Some links in the post may be dead, in that case, please Google to find them.

I’m still having a little bit of a hard time finding the right thing. In the post you linked it says teaching kinder aged kids is legal if the class is rythm or artistic class. My class would be teaching English or reading stories to the kid, which I don’t think is artistic. Does that mean the class is illegal?

It also says in the post that the admendment about the art classes didn’t pass. I couldn’t find any more information about it from Google or anything in the Supplementary Education Act.

what says this? Iirc, there still is no law saying this.

there is a draft to amend the Supplementary Education Act to make it allow just art kind classes for kindy age kids, but it has not yet passed the legislative yuan, so there is no restriction yet what can be taught to them at buxiban, iirc.

Ah, I understand now. I was getting confused searching the Supplementary Education Act trying to find the article mentioned in the draft and for teaching young kids. Guess I have to go aplogoize to the boss now and teach his kid.

Anyways thanks for the information and help.

It looks like the boss has you over a barrel and f#cking you seriously up the ass with the free lessons during YOUR FREE TIME.

Lesson 1:

Teach the kid about common animals and say “Cow.” Make him repeat “cow” with a down-tone over and over again.

Once the dutiful son of the all-powerful bushiban owner has mastered this word, add a little geography lesson and teach him the coastal feature “bay.”

Have the son of a doyen put the two first words together and repeat loudly: “Cow Bay, Cow Bay, Cow Bay.”

If your boss asks you to teach his kid for the second lesson, I’ll supply some more content for you.

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So you won’t get paid to do it?

I guess I should clarify that I am full time, so I get paid a salary and have to be at work from 11 to 20:00 or 20:30. By free time I just ment time where I don’t have a class and I just do my grading or other administrative work. So, I am technically getting paid for the class. I just wanted to see if it was legal or not to teach a kid that young.

Haha, I’ve accidentally done that during my first semester of teaching. We were talking about baby cows during class and I guess it sounded similar so all the kids started saying it and laughing.

I’ve seen it happen when teaching “outside”, which is similar to “horrible sh*t” in Taiwanese :poop:

Can someone explain this one to me?

“kao bei” is a Taiwanese swear word meaning something like “your father is crying”.

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He’s asking you to do something illegal. Teach a toddler in your free time… will you even be paid? Call his bluff. Say “okay, fire me. Then I’ll go to the labor board and tell them WHY you fired me.” Record the conversation too.

I bet you’re regretting going full-time with these knuckleheads…

I am technically getting paid, as I get paid from 11 to 22:00 or 22:30 Monday to Friday. I teach classes until 18:00. Then from 18:00 I don’t have class, so I just do my admistriative work and my grading until it’s time to leave. He is wanting me to teach his son from 18:30 to 19:30 once a week. So this class does fall within my paid time here.

I have mentioned that I want him to provide me with proof that it is leagl, but he has been unwilling to do that. From what I’ve read in the Supplementary Education Act and from what Tando linked, there is no law about teaching young kids English in a buxiban. So, I will man up and admit my mistake later to him.