Quick and easy way to make multiple-frame buttons/banners?

I know of people who do this inexpensively, but my problem is I’m not really sure what I want.

I think I need to tinker around a bit first. I just want some standard sizes and I can make some plain ones now but how do you get 4 frames?

Thanks for any tips.

Photoshop ships with ImageReady, which does what you are looking for. But Photoshop isn’t exactly cheap.

I’m a little confused…are you looking for something to make animated banners or to cut up the button to fit into different frames?

Thank you both for the replies.

Animated is what I was looking for. Found an excellent and FREE banner/button generator on the web and now I can’t find it!!!

See that parentpages.net banner that comes across here once in a while? I did that using this freebie… nothing fancy and I’m not very creative anyway, but I liked that I could use whatever graphics I had and move them around.

If I find it again, I’ll post it here in case anyone can make use of it.

Also found someone to make me some banners SUPER CHEAP. So cheap I’m embarassed to say how much they are… I feel like I’m ripping her off.

This is free: download.com.com/3000-2186-88566 … ag=lst-0-9

I remember Gif Animator was free for a while. But now Ulead charges $50 for it.