Quick question

Does anyone know how to translate

I just see a bunch of numbers

Is it just me? I can read other Chinese words on this site. Maybe you could write the pinyin as well.

Huh? Why can’t I post Chinese characters anymore?

test: 高
Can u read my gao1 (tall/high)?

[quote=“Spack”]test: 高
Can u read my gao1 (tall/high)?[/quote]I can, but monkey’s text is garbage. 我看得到,可是小猴兒的字是亂碼

Chinese text is too small at the current default size!

Try again: 冬蟲夏草
Pinyin is dong chong2 xia4 cao3
(Odd, I can read other’s chinese on this page, but not my own unless I force the browser to read the page as Chinese-encoded.)


冬蟲夏草–Chinese caterpillar fungus

Chinese caterpillar fungus is composed of a corpse of larva and a fungus, with the stroma of Cordyceps sinensis (Berk) Sacc. (fungus) growing from the head of the corpse. The larva looks like a silkworm, 3-5cm in length, 0.3-0.8cm in diameter. The body surface is deep yellow or yellowish-brown and the head is reddish-brown in color. There are 20-30 annual striae around the body, and the striae near the head become thinner. Its tail is also like that of a silkworm. It has 8 pairs of feet, the middle 4 pairs being the most prominent. The stroma, slightly longer than the larva’s corpse, is rod-like and twisted, growing from the head of the larva. The corpse is fragile and substantial, white or pale yellow in color. The stroma, yellowish-white in color, is lightly pliable and hollow.

Thanks, I figured out what it is. The point is that its going on a menu at a five-star hotel (ingredient in a “health soup”). Just wondering if there’s a less-biological way to describe it so foreign customers don’t get freaked out.

As for the Chinese, that the fuck’s going on with unicode support and this site? If you got Big5 and Unicode enabled in Windows, posts to Segue with Chinese are read as unicode by the server but are then displayed on a Big5 document … hence all the stupid numbers in above posts. Anyone know of a fix for this?

Christ! People actually EAT that stuff?

Write it in French.

You could abbreviate the scientific name of the fungus.

Maybe call it ‘sinensis’. Is that legal? Or perhaps find somewhere else that the fungus might grow… :?

Perhaps Bill Gates could throw a few million NT$ at this problem! Does anyone have his personal email address?

After converting my browser’s encoding to TC, I could see Monkey’s original Chinese fine (but not the later stuff).

Try ‘Chinese Silkworm Delight’ Heh heh heh… I assume its not mushroom-like in any way…?

When I studied Chinese medicine (it is a Chinese herb by the way and used in that “man niu” - tonic drink with a blue label) it was always translated as plain old cordyceps. Pity, as I quite like the Chinese version.

just spotted this - Cordyceps sinensis , Caterpillar Fungus, Dong Chong, Xia Cao Tochukas, Deer Fungus - from this here website (for those interested in the medicinal qualities). http://www.go-symmetry.com/cordyceps.htm

Thanks littleiron, I figured that out also. I posted in TC, and posted in Unicode. People complained both times that I posted gibberish. So how does everybody else post Chinese? Is there some third type of encoding?