Quicken 2005 for Mac Help

I decided to put my finances on computer so as to track several things i.e. credit cards, loans etc…
Now in Taiwan as far as I know Quicken or Money (MS) are not compatible with local internet banking.
Is there anyone out there who’d be willing to spend a couple of hours with me and explain how to set up this program so I can do that?

Quicken only works with US or Canadian banks. You can set it up to auto download transactions; I always type them in so I keep them better organized and labeled.

Maybe there’s a taiwanese version of Money you could run on Virtual PC. I never looked into that. There are shareware money managers that can do foreign currencies but I don’t think any of them do online banking.

Quicken 2005 cannot also run multiple currencies

You can use it either to a) monitor your local expenses manually b) manage your US accounts

It wasn’t worth the hassle so I returned it.