Quiet and comfortable places to study near Taoyuan train station

When I lived near Banqiao station there was the main branch of the New Taipei library which is a very nice place to read and study.

Taoyuan main branch and the other branches nearby are okay but not as nice as New Taipei main branch.

Any suggestions for study places?

Nice to have a change of pace from home.

It has crossed my mind that some of the private language schools may have study rooms and that for a modest fee that they would allow me to study there.

University libraries could be another option but there are none that are relatively close to my home.


Try the waiting area at one of the hospitals. Apparently there is lots of space, and they’re very quiet.

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Have you tried coffee shops?

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Not much quiet around there.

No. 110θ™Ÿ, Fuxing Road, Taoyuan