Where can I buy quince in Taiwan? Is it something one will be able to find here?

Chinese name is:


If you wanna ask stores.

Thank you. You are very kind. You are always willing to help a newbie.

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Would probably suggest writing it in Carrefour’s feedback form. Everything I see online just seems to be dried forms.

No one will bother. The quince is dead to all except a few scattered chefs. It could never be profitable.

Do you have anything helpful to say?

I already said something helpful.
Few here know how to prepare it. Some would probably try to eat it raw, be disgusted and demand a refund. No supermarket would dare carry it. I’d guess it’s illegal to ship in fresh fruit, too.

They just wanna buy it. I’m just telling them where to go and how to ask for it.

I’m sorry if I missed it, but I didn’t know you specified a place to buy fresh quince. But she should be aware that no major store will import it.

I’m just gonna paste this here…

Is that your opinion? Or do you know higher ups at these stores?

If you understood most modern people and the nature of the quince, you wouldn’t ask that question. Have you ever prepared quince? It’s never going to be a good loss leader. It’s simple economics.

So it’s your opinion.

@Jojo Do the feedback form so I can let my connections know to get it for you.

Let me know how it goes. I’ll definitely buy some if they come. They don’t ship well. Many will be rotten upon arrival.

Then I encourage you to fill a feedback form as well. It’s internal Carrefour policy to stock anything a customer requests in a feedback form.

I’m not kidding.

If both of you are doing a feedback form, I suggest the Zhishan store as they’re the testing ground for new products

That could be policy but not practice. Think they will stock white truffles and moose cheese if I ask?

I’ll try though.

They can’t guarantee it will be a good price, especially if it’s difficult to get, but their policy is basically go-to-the-end-of-the-earth to get it, minus legality.

It might involve applying for licences and I don’t know the timeframe.

They stocked the icewine I wanted for an OK price.

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Thank you for all your effort, but it is really too much trouble for a company to get the small quantity I need to make marmelade. I am sure I can get some local fruit that will do just fine.