Quitting and moving to Taichung: questions about a visa run

So, we’ve decided to move to Taichung in June, which means I’ll have to quit my job here in Taipei. That means I’ll have to make a visa run to Korea for a week to visit a friend. I have some questions about the whole process.

First, will I be able to get a two month tourist visa when I make the run? My Taiwanese girlfriend will be with me, if that will make it any easier. She can vouch that I’ll be staying with her and all that good stuff.

Second, how exactly do I go about doing this?

What papers do I need?

Any suggestions on how to make this as smooth as possible would be appreciated. I just don’t quite understand how this all works.


Here’s what I was told to do recently when doing the exact same thing:

  • Call the TECO in Korea anonymously and ask what documents you need for a 60 day visitor’s visa. Don’t mention work. Ignore any guidelines on the internet etc., and just go by what they tell you.

  • Don’t mention work at any point, to anyone. You are visiting her family only.

  • Have a signed letter from your girlfriend’s family inviting you to come stay with them, saying how sure they are you’ll enjoy your stay in Taiwan and, if possible, guaranteeing your finances and financial ability to leave when your visa expires. Have a photocopy of both sides of the ID card of the person who wrote it.

  • Have financial statements from your (preferably non-Taiwanese) bank showing lots of money.

  • If you’ve been working legally in Taiwan, take tax certificates with you, but don’t show them unless asked.

  • Cross your fingers.

Disclaimer: Taiwan is crazy, TECOs more so. All information you receive should be taken as tentative at best, including the above.

Sorry to piggyback on rmaguir’s thread but I figure it’s better than starting a new one.

Regarding bank/financial statements, does anyone know how I go about getting those from my bank back in my home country? I can access all my accounts online and print those out, but I’d assume I need an official bank stamped statement.

I need to do a visa run (Bangkok) in 9 days time and not sure what to do with regards to the required financial statement.

Are there any ATM machines here that would allow me view/print off a statement? I don’t have a local bank account and simply use my ATM card at compatible (PLUS) machines. Not even sure if that’s official enough. :ponder: