Quitting beer is easy when you drink these sh*itty cans

Last Sunday, I told myself I’d put myself on a 10-day self-imposed ‘detox’. I lasted until around 7pm on Saturday. I decided I’d walk to Taipei 101 and pick up a copy of Burgess’ Malayan Trilogy (which seems fascinating even at p.2). I was thirsty for a beer, and having behaved myself so well during the week, I decided I’d treat myself early to a can. Living in Minsheng East. Road sec.5 community, it usually takes about 40 minutes to walk to 101, during which time I usually, when I’m my normal self, drink 4-5 beers on a day walk. I bought a can of Japanese Kirin and had not finished it by the time I was at 101. I dumped a half-full can into the trash. I tasted awful. I went in, got my book, and decided to have another go at it for the way home. Bought a can Taiwan ‘draft’ beer. Complete shit. Couldn’t finish that either. I walked halfway home and friend called. I waited for him for 30 minutes at the Taipei City Hall MRT station, where I bought a can of Heiniken. Ass.

The “real” draft beers at a nearby pub went down better, but didn’t really inspire the electricity of a beering night in me. Is there something about canned beer in Taiwan that is subpar? Anyone feel the same?

Your mistake was not going into Jasons in Taipei 101 and getting some sweet sweet Belgian beer. Not sure if they have it in cans though? :s

In my experience, beer just doesn’t taste too good when you haven’t had it for a while, and then you have one on a hot day when you probably need water and stuff like that. You need to drink maybe three before they start tasting good again.

I remember once I went to my san da practice (which is in a non- a c room) and sweated buckets, and then had a beer afterwards. It was so awful I couldn’t finish it.

Taiwan Gold Medal in a bottle is a much more refreshing summery beer than Kirin, IMO. KIRIN is poo poo.

If you want your beer to taste good, try drinking a water first.

If one truly love the hops, avoid cans at all costs. Especially in this clime. Drink from bottles, as cold as possible. And if it’s a thirstquencher one desires, when it’s hot & humid, you’re better off stopping in a a/c chilled public house.

You’re all correct, I think. Plus, I was ruined by the great Alaskan microbrews.

Also, Taiwanese corner shops tend to keep the beer nice and warm to stop evil spirits forming under the ring pull. Had a warm Kirin myself last night right out of the Thing That Looks Like a Fridge in 7-11. Foetid.

Bottles with paper bags are especially classy

Well, in my opinion all canned beer is pretty subpar compared to tap or from a bottle. Some thign about how the beer reacts to the metal. Anyway, there is something about Asian beer that will give you the most massive hangover of your life. Anyone else notice that?