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[url=http://www.michellemalkin.com/]By Michelle Malkin

1,000 troops killed and 15,000+ Iraqi civilians dead. There might have been one or two terrorist in there somewhere.

And ain’t she hot!

“She walks thru the corn leadin’ down to the meadow,
Her hair shines like gold in the hot mornin’ sun.
She took all the love that this poor boy could give her,
and left me to die like a fox on the run…”

Well richardm…I guess I can give another quote specifically to you.
Its from an Ol’ 1st SGT. I had one time, and its something I heard him say regarding squeamishness in time of war.

“Mr., You might try loosen 'en them panties up a bit…its blocking the oxygen to your brain”

These people are trying to kill us and they will use their civilian populace as shields to do so. Blame them with your outrage.
Meanwhile do not impede those hard men who would do their work.

Now you have a nice day, ya’ hear?

And ain’t she hot![/quote]
Er, actually, no, she’s not. I knew her and her husband back when they lived in Seattle; in fact, I bought his old PC off him.

She’s also a fairly typically uneducated reporter. She wrote a column about mercury-leach gold mining which left people utterly agape at her total lack of knowledge of the subject that she was propounding. As I recall, her basic point was that mercury is natural and therefore is nontoxic.