R.C. Gremlins


I can use my remote control for one surfing session, then the things goes dead. I pop open the battery case only to find the terminals (-) are stained black with carbon?. After the battery terminals get a good rub down the remote works again, but the gremlins will return.

Anybody have a similar problem know of any remedy to this annoyance? My remote is about to go through a two-hand torsion tolerance test. I ripped my considerably more sturdy cell phone in two using this method and I fear my remote doesn’t stand a chance. Please help my remote.


Should you strangle your remote, you can buy another one for about NT$400 or so at one of those bargan stores that sell everything under the sun. They will work with any cable box.


My remote and your remote must share the same gene pool.

I’ve found removing the top of the battery casing and rolling the batteries with ones thumb to be very effective and theraputic.