Race Tech Taiwan - Big Bike shop in Banqiao

“Big bike” shop in Banqiao. (You like that alliteration? Has a nice rhythm to it.) :slight_smile:

For those that don’t know, I am an American motorcycle mechanic now working at a new, big bike shop in Banqiao. We can do pretty much any work on any bike or scooter but our focus is on the 600cc+ bikes. We are an official Race Tech tuning center and we specialize in suspension work.

The owner of the shop is a Hong Kong gentleman by the name of Nik who was the 1998 open-class superbike champion at ZIC. He is a certified Race Tech tuner and he has also graduated from the California Superbike School rider training program. He speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Technical Director, Michael (that’s me!), is a 2004 graduate of the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando, FL and is certified with Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Dynojet and Ducati. For the last two years, I worked at ZIC for several superbike rental companies and race teams as Technical Director and Crew Chief. We achieved several podium finishes in my time there but I am most proud to say that, of the thousands of hours and miles spent on the track, we never had one accident due to mechanical error. And the same goes for all of my previous work at shops in America.

Our shop is not like the typical workshop you see around Taiwan and Hong Kong. Our goal is to somewhat emulate the business model of western shops. Which basically means customers contact us ahead of time with their questions and needs, we give an estimate, we schedule a time for the work to be done (or for the bike to be dropped off, if necessary) and we keep track of the work done to each bike. Of course, there may be times when we can accommodate walk-in customers, as well. Our workshop is closed to the public and, at night, your bike will be kept inside our secured, climate-controlled workshop.

We are a dealer for many overseas brands such as Race Tech (of course) suspension components, Ohlins suspension components, Beringer brake systems, BST wheels, Power Commander fuel management systems, Rapid Bike fuel management systems, HEL custom brake lines, STM clutches, Leo Vince exhausts and HealTech electrical components, just to name a few.

Also, we are setting up a dealer account with World of Powersports – the largest OEM and aftermarket bike parts distributor in America – to offer virtually anything you could want for yourself or your bike.

Our address is:
1/F, No 268, Sec 2, Changjiang Rd, Banqiao City, Taipei County 220, Taiwan

Google coordinates:
25.032831, 121.469653

Hours are 10am - 8pm, Monday - Saturday. (Although, you can drop your bike off at virtually anytime if you give us a heads-up.)
Tel: 02 8252 6120
Fax: 02 8252 6097

My direct email is michael@racetech.hk
Alternate email is info@racetech.hk

The shop Facebook page is (most info is in Chinese): facebook.com/?ref=home#!/gro … 0684708378

My personal Facebook page is (I will try to update company stuff into English when I have the time): facebook.com/home.php#!/mgonzalez

Contact us if you have any questions and ride safe!


Who: You and your Aunt Tilly

What: Race Tech Taiwan Grand Opening Celebration!

When: January 1st, 2011 11am - 3pm

Where: Race Tech’s shop
1/F, No 268, Sec 2, Changjiang Rd, Banqiao City, Taipei County 220, Taiwan
Google coordinates:
25.032831, 121.469653

Why: Because you know you love it, you dirty dog!

Contact: 02 8252 6120 or info@racetech.hk

As part of our grand opening celebration, Race Tech is conducting a “Lucky Draw Giveaway” with prizes totaling approximately NT$560,000!

Some examples include:
A coupon worth NT$2000 towards the purchase of a Power Commander kit. (2 of these will be given away!)
A coupon worth NT$2000 towards the purchase of a Leo Vince exhaust system. (2 of these puppies!)
A coupon worth NT$1500 that can be used towards the purchase of any product we sell. (Also, gots 2!)
And ANY coupon can be exchanged for an upgrade to a coupon towards the purchase of BST wheels!

Of course, certain terms and conditions apply (such as, installation cost is not included). Contact us or come to the shop for more details.

See you there!


So, do you keep any bikes for sale? Are you interested in taking big bikes for sale on consignment? Do you appreciate the joys of adjusting Ducati camshaft shims from a big box of dozens of alternate pieces?

Currently, we do not have any bikes for sale. But, yes, we could take in bikes for consignment. It would just depend on what bike it is and the bike owner and the shop owner would have to come to an agreement about the terms of the consignment. So, anyone that wants to sell their bike on consignment with us can either contact me here or call the shop directly.

The problem with Ducs right now is that we don’t have the special tools for working on the engines. I’m working on getting those thru my old shop in America but, right now, I don’t have them.


An update:

We just got our own space on a website called moto-lines.tw. There we will update info about the shop, our products or any events in the future. Right now everything is in Chinese but we’ll be doing bilingual posts in the future. Also, I started an “English talk” thread for anyone that can’t read or write Chinese… like me. :slight_smile:

The direct link to our shop is moto-lines.tw/moto_forum/ind … =324&page=

We’ve added some new products to our line-up, so I thought I would update our info.

Here’s what we offer:

Race Tech suspension components
Ohlins suspension components
Andreani Group suspension components (they make some products under the Ohlins brand)
Marzocchi suspension components (they also make some products under the Ohlins brand)
Scotts Performance (primarily steering dampers)
MFR wheels (used by Jorge Lorenzo, among others, in MotoGP)
BST wheels (carbon-fiber)
Power Commander (fuel-injection tuning)
Rapid Bike (fuel-injection tuning)
Heal Tech (gear indicators and timing retard eliminators)
PZ Racing YouCam (video system which overlays riding data directly onto the video)
Aim Sports (lap timers that can be used on virtually anything – bikes, cars, go-carts, etc.)
Leo Vince exhausts
Mivv exhausts
Termignoni exhausts
Beringer brake components
HEL custom steel brake lines
EBC brake pads
SBK riding gear (leathers, jackets, gloves, helmets, etc.)
STM slipper clutches

Also, we are still a World of Powersports dealer, so we can get our hands on a variety of products.

One more thing I should mention is that our working hours are now 11am - 9pm, Monday thru Saturday. However, occasionally we may need to leave the shop to run errands or what-have-you so it’s always best to contact us ahead of time for a booking.


Another update:

We have just added ECU flashing service. What is that? Well, it’s rewriting, or “flashing”, the files in the vehicle’s ECU to optimize performance. There are internal maps inside of the factory ECU that control everything on your vehicle, such as fuel, ignition, idle, rev limit, deceleration, dash error codes and many more. We are able to adjust or remap each of these parameters and optimize the overall performance of the vehicle. The vehicle retains all stock instrument and light functions along with all safety parameters of the stock ECU. This is a simple process of removing the ECU, connecting to a computer, performing the flash then reinstalling the ECU on the vehicle. That’s it.

We tested this on our own shop bike (a 2004 Hayabusa, US model) and recorded +8 horsepower and +4 torque from only this mod. There are many other bikes that have had this service and have seen incredible power increases because they’re so restricted from the factory.

And this can be done to cars, watercraft and off-road bikes, as well.

If you want more info about this service, feel free to send me a PM, email me or call the shop.