Racial Tensions in US 2020


tragic YES. racial profiling? YES.
perhaps he should not have fought with the two armed men chasing him in a truck? But perhaps he thought he had to fight for his life. Wouldn’t you?

Vigilantes should be charged. We have police for that kind of action. Oh wait, being black has a much higher chance of being shot by police too in Georgia.

Its just tragic.

I guess in certain areas of America it is not safe to be out jogging while black.

I can’t say for sure if there was racial profiling, it could be the case. I would say that self defense goes both ways. People chasing me with guns, I would definitely try to defend myself. I don’t know what their intentions are. The case should be judged from this POV imo.

If you engage someone with guns when not defending yourself to begin with. You shouldn’t have the self defense defense anymore.

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Not a wise move from the victim to go for the guy’s gun. Should have either stood still or kept running and called 911 straight away.

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“I got another one, Sarge! Suspect is holding a buttery weapon!”


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yeah that’s messed up. but really; ‘while’ …as in ‘during’ ?

as if we can go home and Not be black after a change of clothes, or maybe a shower ? As if it’s a trivial/temporal situation we can choose and/or alter. That guy woke up black everyday and if his death was hastened because of it that Sucks. I think ‘while’ kind of trivializes that.


the “while” is used in a sarcastic manner.

As in

Shopping while black
Driving while black
Bbqing while black
Waiting at Starbucks while black
Babysitting while black
Leaving your apartment while black
Marching while black

Etc etc etc.


Nama hotties got it
I didn’t invent the while bit it’s made it’s rounds

Sarcasm is fine sometimes. No blood no foul.

? …sarcasm - Really? Right; got that - thanks. <- sarcasm there ;^)

I like sarcasm, when we’re laughing about something. This doesn’t seem a laugh-worthy thing. Kind of serious. Chased by a truck, with rifle-wielding guys in it…? I think we laugh stuff off too quick sometimes, sort of say ‘what can be done anyway?’.

I think we bandy about some weird language just because we hear or see it around. Yea me too sometimes. Maybe when Richard Pryor said it it was funny? Then I think about it. I’m suggesting pump the brakes on engaging ‘while black’ humor. While Jewish, while Italian, while from California, while Taiwanese, while Japanese… I say it’s not a good look or trend. Thank you !

I don’t know how having a term that discribes a situation succinctly and clearly ='s taking an issue lightly?

It’s an initialism.


I took exception with the term ‘while black’ as described in my response to the OP.

Yes, the term is clearly inaccurate. The way I remember hearing it for the first time was from some comedian. The joke was because there is no while about it. If you are black, you were born black and you will die black. Don’t jog while black sounds like a joke is coming, but then the story is tragic.

Actually the term is quite accurate. At least to those who have experienced it.


OK, if you say so.

What did you do while you were black?

I don’t think you understand what is being said. I wondered when the “stop and frisk” was being called racist. Because back in the UK we have stop and search and I’ve been stopped and searched many times, sometimes for no apparent reason.

But looked up the UK stats and they seem to have had a big problem with a black person about 6 times more likely to be stopped than a white person. The law might not have been racist but those applying the law were, or at least a certain percentage of them.

In those cases, the “while” could be absolutely nothing at all, as @anon38216271 pointed out earlier, while shopping, while walking down the road, while talking on a street corner or while driving a car.


In as much as it seems to have caused offense, I changed the title to a more neutral one.

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6 times more likely to be stopped is awful. The story from the OP is tragic.

Shopping, walking down the road and talking are all temporal things. Doing … while being black (or Jewish/Indian/German ) was (no pun intended) dark irony then and it’s dark humor now because it is not a transient/temporal situation; at all. Like you said, some pretty serious risks are bundled in there too. The profiling and aggression and judgement is unfair/harsh, and kind of why I raised the point I did.

magnanimous; Nice gesture. I for one have no problem with what you did/wrote because I’m pretty sure there was no wrong intention.

It’s a forum and we talk and learn about stuff.

I’d like us to repeal ‘hella’ while we’re on language. It took me years to get ‘helluva’ just right.

I didn’t write it, the OP did. I’m sure you’re right about the intention. I’m not sure if there’s a problem with it, but maybe not for a highly visible title.

I don’t understand how having (or not) an experience (in)validates the point that the word is describing a black person’s life intersecting with racism while doing the mundane.