🏎 Racing - NASCAR | USA Sports star makes remarks about Asian Driver

So what do you think? Is the joke ok or not ok or is a Taboo topic?

What’s the joke?

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I think as long as white privelege etc. is not taboo, this is fair game

Seems OK to me, especially since they are friends.

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I guess this means the wack things in Taiwan thread is going to need to be re-evaluated for racial insensitivity. That might mean sending the instigators to mandatory sensitivity training if they plan to continue participating here on Forumosa.

What happens with mandatory sensitivity training when an employee has social anxiety disorder?

It must have become an issue at some point.

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So is there such training in Taiwan? Who will do the training?

Larson was suspended for most of the 2020 season for using a racial slur and lost his ride driving for Chip Ganassi, his sponsors, and needed to complete a sensitivity training course for reinstatement. Larson returned to the sport driving for Hendrick Motorsports and won the 2021 Cup championship. Larson is friends with Hamlin and said, "I personally wasn’t offended by it."



This guy is spot on. The world has gone a bit soft.

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We might have to go old-school until help arrives and just beat the insensitivity out of them.

Why would he be the one in trouble when it’s a joke from Family Guy?

It’s a joke. I make fun of Italian drivers too because it’s funny and mostl true.


I get why people are upset. There are a lot of negative stereotypes in the US about Asians. Some of them are rather frustrating because although it can have an ounce of truth, people use it as a way to discriminate and be actively racist.

But we need to be careful of how we treat jokes. I want to live in a world of fun and laughter, that means allowing people to make jokes. Sometimes a joke is a hit and sometimes they just go wrong. I don’t think we should be so overtly sensitive to go after every crude jokes and make the culture of humor just be limited.


If humor mattered this much family guy would’ve been canceled a looooong time ago.

What a shame because NASACAR just reeks high class.

Because it’s expensive cars?

It also made local Taiwan news

Has he seen drivers in Taipei? This seems accurate.

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So then what sport is low class in your home nation?

I was being sarcastic. NASCAR is for trashy people.

What sport do the non trashy people like?

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