Racism in China? NO way!

Well yes way.

wayangtimes.com/black-chines … yang+Times

Shes certainly a minority. A black/chinese girl growing up in a mono-ethnic China. Kinda cute too (but she cant sing tho, much as we would like her to be able to ) .

oh yeah YES for sure…there is a lot of internal racism ( if you can call it that ) too…the Cantonese don’t like the people from the North…the local Shanghainese don’t like anyone from anywhere…

regionalism. Is everywhere.

Regionalism. I like that term. I dont see Mainland Chinese being fond of Taiwanese and vice versa to be sure.

Not true. When I told everyone i knew we were going to taiwan, everybody in Beijing was fascinated. Professors, artists, govt. people, taxi drivers, ayis, shopkeepers, everyone.

here I say we came from Beijing and Da Bufen locals turn up their noses. Again, could just be my experience.

yeah but i have seen quite a few cases where they take it to the extreme…cracking jokes, laughing at is still tolerable (though still not good) but they kind of go nuts over it…its like either you live or i live but we both cannot live…

My Cantonese friends sneerlingly call their Chinese brothers and sisters ‘mainlanders’. And some of the lovely people in Hong Kong refer to me as ‘the gwailo’. Racism? Regionalism? Who knows.

I refuse to believe that the Chinese are not uniformly broad-minded and sensitive toward minority concerns.

Because that might, you know, HURT THEIR FEELINGS.