Racist Rep. Applauded by GOPpers

Rep. Rafael Arza (R-FL) loves to let loose with the racial slurs. I guess he figures that’ll work well with the home crowd.

Of course, Bush thinks that Arza is the victim, urging everybody to leave him alone:

Of course, the situation has been going on for a long time – started up last April when several people came forward to complain about his use of racial slurs on the House floor. Azra denied it and claimed to be "shocked’ by the allegations, perhaps about as much as Louie in Casablanca was “shocked” by the gambling going on at Rick’s.

[quote]But, in May, Arza stopped proceedings on the House floor to offer a conditional apology and a denial.

“I have never made a single negative or disparaging comment – public comment – about Dr. Rudy Crew,” he said. “And if I have ever made a statement to anyone of you that you believe would be offensive to Dr. Crew or even racially insensitive, then I apologize.”
House members gave him a standing ovation.

But the episode did not end.

Earlier this month, Miami Beach lawmaker Gustavo A. Barreiro ® filed a written complaint asserting that Arza had repeatedly used the racial epithets in reference to Crew.

The complaint apparently enraged Arza.

Last Saturday night, Barreiro received a profanity-laced tirade on his cellphone. In it, Barreiro said, Arza referred to him using a racial slur, though Barreiro is not of African descent.[/quote]

Wow, way to defend oneself. What was he thinking – “I never use racial slurs, you n----r!” Reminds me of the Taiwan legislator who was so offended at being called a “thug” that he ran across to choke her.

Shameful. Absolutely shameful.

Barreiro seems to be pretty decent – too bad that everybody else was apparently trying to cover for Arza. Wonder what Hastert knew.

Bush has distanced himself from Azra and criticized him. Bush is evidently embarrassed by this incident.

Comes a bit late … Bush thinks this guy “has problems” but doesn’t want anyone to open up poor widdle Arza’s old widdle wounds.

Welcome to Amerikkka :bravo: