Hey guys,

This is my first post seeing as most of my questions have been easily answered by the search function.

I was wondering if anyone played racquetball in Taiwan or knew of a place where they had racquetball courts. It’s one of the few sports that I really enjoy playing. I’ll be heading over there in a few months and would love to know about a good place to play.

(I haven’t decided where I’m going to live just yet. It’ll depend on what’s available when I get there.)

Thanks much,

Rerun the search using ‘squash’ and you might find something. Most of the courts here are squash courts, and you just have to adapt to them, but it’s doable. I think the American club had one racquetball and two squash courts, but that’s a pricey club. There are some squash courts near Minsheng and Guangfu if I recall, in the basement of an apartment complex, which are pay by the hour and more reasonable. You can bring racquetball racquets and balls and no one will even notice.

Well, damn. Thanks much. I hadn’t even thought to look up squash. I suppose it’d be good to learn a new game anywho. I’ve heard good things.

I have tried researching racquetball courts in Taipei but the reuslt was disappointing. Only found one American School has the court and not open to public. I could only let my racquet sit sround :astonished:

People here are gradually adapting squash in the past few years. The Squash Center page below has a map and is probably the one Dragonbones was referring to … but it is in Chinese only …

Pulic sports center:
Neihu: nhsports.com.tw/wordpress/?p=425#more-1410
Beitou: btsc.org/

This private gym in Taipei Arena has courts rental at hourly rate:

Hope it helps, though none of the page is in English …