🚆 Railways - HSR | 30% HSR Discount for Foreigners

I wonder if resident foreigners can get the discount

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I’m not sure that “one-way tickets for foreigners” sounds as welcoming and inviting as the THSR administration intended it to. :sweat_smile:


(P)ARC holders cannot

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The article suggests short-term visitors only and the website specifies it, but I wonder what would happen if you just went and bought a ticket using your passport? It seems sketchy if THSR workers are able to check the residence status of any foreign-looking person who shows up (it would seem to require them having access to a searchable database of resident foreigners, e.g., by name/passport number).


So I may have an answer for you.

There used to be (not sure if still available) HSR tickets for foreigners for sale on Klook. They were quite heavily discounted if I remember correctly. However, to use them they would check your passport for what kind of visa you entered on.

However, the average ticket person at a HSR gate probably doesn’t know the difference between an entry stamp for a resident and an entry stamp for a visitor. Worth a try for sure.

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I’m not sure whether Taiwan is still stamping passports though, e.g., for people arriving on visa exemptions? Or is it just that they stopped doing exit stamps but still do entry stamps?

The other thing though is that it seems you can buy the tickets online then collect them from a station. I suppose they could check your passport there if you’re not allowed to use the machines.

My last entry stamp is a 90-day visa exemption stamp from February 2020 actually. According to my passport, I’m still here on a very long visa exemption (though I have an ARC now).

From THSR Pass - Taiwan High Speed Rail台灣高鐵 , this is not a new initiative, the pass has always existed only the discount percentage has been increased for a short period. It’s up to the visitor to prove they are a short term visitor rather than the HSR to prove they are not.


Yup, it’s been around for a few years already. I used it back in 2017 booking on Klook I believe. They only asked to see my passport but I don’t think they actually checked anything in it really so I still got the ticket. Now they might be a bit more thorough in checking though…

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You probably have to go to immigration to get a “short-term entry document”, get it stamped by BOCA, and attach notarized copies of your plane tickets to take advantage of the discount. :grin:


You don’t get any stamp in your Passport if you use the E-Gate.

I know, but I’m guessing that doesn’t apply to short-term visitors anyway (?).

I just remember they didn’t give me a stamp once when I was leaving (I think it was leaving) on a visa-exempt stay, and when I went back to ask the IO told me they’d stopped doing it. I didn’t know whether they’d gone the way of HK etc. in not stamping at all, or if it was just the exit stamps they’d stopped doing.

Phew… thanks God my ID card is just an APRC!


You can only purchase one way tickets to Zhongli High Speed Station as it’s closest to the airport.

Good luck in being able to purchase a ticket to that destination, no matter what nationality you are.


They do check in Kaoshuing at least before. My coworker visited from Japan was able to get the discount as the check passports and I was not as they check how long I was there (I am not a short-term visitor). Maybe smaller stations do not check as much not sure,

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Taoyuan’s HSR station is located in the Zhongli district. I’ve always found it bizarre that it isn’t closer to the airport.

It does seem strange, but at least now there’s the MRT between the HSR station and the airport.

Passengers may purchase standing tickets on the T-EX mobile app starting from Monday after updating to version 6.60.
To purchase a ticket, the customer must be at a station and turn on Bluetooth functionality.
Only one one-way ticket may be purchased at a time.

DELETED by TT .Standing HSR tickets available on app - Taipei Times

New article:

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They deleted that article and released a new one:

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