Rain gear

last weeks rain has me in search of a really durable rain suit. not the flimsy poncho ones that are sold on the corner. i have to commute from taipei to ShiJr every morning and i get soaked to the bone each time it rains. i had a roommate whose boyfriends uncle worked for the city and he got me one of their rain suits. it works fine, but i’m 183 cm and the pants are too short :? i’ve looked online for insulated, breathable, durable, completely waterproof rainsuits and they all run between 60-150 US. i’ve seen fellow commuters wearing rainsuits that look as thought they keep them dry, but i can’t find them anywhere!

fellow scooter riders… help!

Have you tried hardware stores?
You should be able to get a fairly cheap two-piece rain suit. It won’t be breathable but it will keep the rain out.

There are a lot of Goretex stores in Taipei but the suits sell for about $6000NT at this time. That’s a really cheap price, because before the rainy season that same goretex rainsuit will cost $12000.

It’s really great to wear a suit like that… they are not insulated (wear layers) but they let the moisure leave but prevent it from entering, and they are fairly durable. My suit has lasted 2 years. Just don’t forget to zip up the pockets and you’ll stay quite dry except for your ankles.