Ranch dressing

Taiwan occassionally has its own…vinegar tasting crap ranch, but i`m looking for better than that. My fried chicken misses Wishbone Ranch Dressing very very much. Its been a year since its passed my lips. I tried Jasons…they had lots of wishbone…even russian dressing whatever that is…but no ranch. Wheeeere can I find it to buy?!

It’s beside the sour cream.

In what store? What part of Taipei? I am not looking for joke answers, I need details.

Does anyone know of E-Store… lol… I’ve got Ranch, even fat free Ranch. Gonna put up my Roka Blue Cheese on Saturday…

estoretaiwan.com the details…

Jason’s must just have been out of stock when you went, because I’ve seen ranch dressing there. I’ve seen some in City Super, too. American but not Wishbone.

I know the Wishbone supplier ran out a while ago and won’t be bringing any back in for sometime. Sucks cause he’s who I got my wishbone from. I get my Hidden Valley and Kraft from my US supplier which is why the price is a bit higher.

wow NT$ 240 for a bottle. Maybe i’ll just wait until my brother sends me some of my summer clothes and hide it in there. Thought I paid alot when I got a small ca of cranberry sauce for NT$120…

No Need to hide it. YOur brother, or anyone for that fact, can send you a food care package without to much trouble. Sorry the price is so high, nothing I can do to get it down right now but I keep trying.

Good Luck

Wellcome has a small tub of ‘ranch’ dip, about NT$25 I think. Doesn’t taste too bad, and is great for dipping carrot or cucumber or other veggies.

Costco has a buttermilk ranch mix. Just add mayo and milk. It is v. good, and it’s cheap. It’s in with the spices.