Random Animal of the Day

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Indonesia is one fucked-up country. That sort of “I lose, you lose, everyone loses, and that makes me happy” behaviour is common in the Philippines too.

It’s Thailand!


erm … so it is. Why did I write Indonesia? Weird. My only excuse is that I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet. I’m slightly worried now. Hope I’m not getting Alzheimer’s or something.

Anyway, South-East Asia. Same difference. “Let’s make lots of laws that guarantee eternal poverty and widespread corruption. That’ll show those Imperialist foreigners how clever we are”.

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Modern laws in certain countries have probably made corruption worse in the statistical sense, without actually changing much else. What was just the way things are in the past is now technically illegal, but people do it anyway; the wealth gap was huge then, and it’s huge now. :cactus:

Anyway, back on topic:

“Hens adopt random animals”

Number 3 will SHOCK you!!! :astonished:


Nope, it the exact opposite: what was just the way things are in the past is now technically legal. Stupid laws like “The Fundraising Control Act” are invariably written in such a way that they can be abused by those in power to shaft those at the bottom of the heap, while doing what they do with complete impunity. We can take this elsewhere if you wish.

Nah, I don’t really have time.

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Congratulations, Daddy!



A true Australian patriot. RIP.

Note to drunks: be careful when crossing the road.

After doing battle with the cow, the pig allegedly made its way to a river where he passed out drunk laying under a tree for shelter.

Yes, allegedly. Let’s not jump into conclusions, guys!


Experts say the safest way to avoid harm if you unexpectedly encounter an alligator is to keep your distance.

Thanks, experts!


I knew it was Florida. This kind of stuff only happens in Florida. It’s basically a normal Tuesday.



Few things are more amusing than watching Americans respond to vermin