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When I first discovered their videos I watched like 10 of them in a row. But I kept wondering if the increasingly elaborate creations of theirs could be done within a single day or even a reasonable time frame.

Take filling the holes with waters for instance. They often showed them bringing in water using pottery water jugs. That must take ages to fill some of their larger creations…


Oh I never thought they did it in a day. Since you don’t really see a time lapse of the sun’s movement thru out the video. Just figured they sped up the action and edited it.

I got a “Bloody Sunday Sessions” recommendation today. I like it. “I Got Loaded”!


Very cool. All kinds of comments about Fleabag, whatever that is.

This guy’s YouTube channel is very low budget, and it’s pretty funny when you want a quick 30 second laugh in between doing shit.


Some said this “restoration” was done in Taiwan

I just hope this is not @Taiwan_Luthiers

Not me. I don’t use ramen to fill soundboards, I would rather use a piece of spruce lying around. Even if it doesn’t match it’s still better than ramen.

Also I never use WD40 on metal hardware while it’s attached to the guitar. It’s impossible to get them out of the wood, and it messes up the finish too.

That guitar looks like a classical guitar with steel string on it. Unless it’s a Stella or something. I didn’t like setting those up. No neck relief adjustment is possible unless you refret.

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Yeah, you can tell the guy doesn’t take know what he’s doing.
He just painted all over the frets! And I really doubt he can play a single note on it, based on his tuning skills :wall:

There is nothing wrong with painting over the frets by the way. Fender does it for maple necks. The paint won’t stick to the fret and any dressing operation removes it anyways. But the way he does it just seems cringeworthy. Maybe fine for restoring crap guitars thrown in a mud pile but not if it’s a historic guitar. But his playing is terrible… I didn’t watch the whole video, just skipped ahead. I can’t watch it, too long, and honestly I feel if he could just use his video editing skills he could get far more respect than basically messing up a guitar.

One good way to clean out the inside of a guitar is those ground up dried corn cobs used in a vibratory tumbler. Pour some in and shake it.

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Great random recommendation. Really liking everything about this video.


Interesting modification to the acoustic guitar:

I wonder if @Taiwan_Luthiers could do something similar…

video does not work

Try now.

Ok, I can add whatever electronics you want to whatever guitar, but if you have to cut big holes on the side it devalues the instrument and adds additional things to break. Not to mention, getting the electronics is sometimes difficult because some electronics, for example Taylor or Martin’s electronics, are not sold separately at all but only comes with their guitars. So only way to get them is to take them off of existing guitars.

But if you can find the unit, I will install it.

And what are your thoughts on that? Do you think it improves or depreciates the natural sounds of a guitar?

Personally I don’t like too much stuff on acoustic guitars. It gets in the way. And nifty electronic breaks and it’s hard to replace because they’re not always available. I think piezo/mike is good enough, and piezo works without batteries, and you can connect all the external effect you want.

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Waited a year for part 2, and it was worth it.

The whole series is amazing and it is just about to get to the greatest part of Yi Sun-sin’s amazing come back.