Random YouTube Recommendations

One of my favourite walking songs. Her setup sounds awful but for some reason I still watched to the end

another one, glad to be seeing more music and less zizek today

What a nice recommendation!

Thanks YouTube!
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What a talent! Could have chosen a more interesting Metallica song (and nailed it harder) but still, wow, one listen.

Notice some of the surprised looks on the guys face during the listen, where’s he’s like WTF was that? Funny thing about Lars, he isn’t technically a great drummer (at least in the classically trained sense, like this guy). But he has a unique style where it’s hard to get some of the beats just right (even when you know the song well) and that is part of why Metallica still rules after all these years!

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CLR - Criminal lawyer reacts. Discusses the legality of various aspects of recent hiphop music videos.

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