Rant: Listening to live music

OK, so I went to see David Foster at the Living Room on Saturday night. He was great - softly spoken, quietly humourous, a great voice and some really nice tunes. A really enjoyable night, tainted (for this old humbug at least) by the couple of tables who couldn’t stop talking the whole way through his performance. It really intruded on the music as they were shouting during the loud parts to be heard over the tunes. I’m not talking about exchanging the odd comment during the performance, this was literally just chatting all the way through. Why? There is ample space outside the performance area for you to go and chat, so why do some people show no regard for other people who’ve come to listen to the music (or for the performer himself, come to think of it)? :fume:

Oh and before people start going off on saying ‘well the Taiwanese always talk through movies, why would you expect anything different at a gig?’, the people in question were nearly all foreigners. Of course being British I said nothing at the time and now I’m moaning about it afterwards. But seriously, does it trouble you to shut up for an hour or two, or take your conversation outside?

Rant over, I’m going to lie down.

I feel foryou Taffy. I used to play in a band here in Taiwan and it always happened to bethe foreigners who couldn’t STFU. Even after polite request from the vocalist.
Beats me :idunno:

Yep, that sounds about right. A few foreigners that won’t shut up and a whole bunch of Taiwanese that won’t even act remotely interested. Gigs here tend to be like that.

All you needed to do was give Corbett a shout. He’d have sorted them out sharpish. I really dislike rude pricks like this, but as Tetsuo says, they’re all too common. Some people just don’t seem to get it. :s

I think every country has people like that… after all everyone is different… some ppl enjoy movies and music more when noone around is talking… but some ppl enjoy movies and music more by communicating with people about their ideas and thoughts at the moment… i would say talking about something else really loudly when the movie and music on is really disturbing… but… I mean. it’s not about nationality… every corner on this earth has people just like that~ you really can’t do anything about that unless they are getting so loud that most people at present are very disturbed… and all you can do is trying to “shut them up” by saying" excuse me… blah blah blah"~ it’s not a ‘real" crime… so… we can only wish those people can empathize and to place themselves in others’ position :s