"rat meat" pork cuts

Has anyone tried “rat meat” cuts of pork?

When I heard it I thought it was rats, but it’s a cut of pork that is right behind the legs, and you only get something like 1200 grams off of a pig. Guy at the market said it’s a good cut and it’s slightly cheaper than Boston Butt (which is expensive as hell here in TW).

I tried 甲心肉 which is a really cheap pork cut, but it’s dry as hell.

Do you have a pressure cooker?

Dude lives in a pressure cooker.


This recipe and a pressure cooker turns any cheap cut of beef or pork into a great meal.

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Are you sure it isn’t salesman-talk for pig’s bellend, or something? I’ve never heard of it. What’s the Chinese phrase?

it’s a piece of meat somewhere in the hind legs…

I tried making a pork chop out of it. Honestly I still prefer boston butt.

It is 老鼠肉 or 中里肌 in Chinese.

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This probably explains why I can’t buy a bone in Boston butt.

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How much are you paying for that? How much cheaper is it.

Honestly I don’t know but my impression is that it’s basically a type of pork loins… hence the cheaper price. Loins are cheap in Taiwan.

So as far as taste and useage, any difference? Sometimes its worth pay a little more and get something better.