Nice interior, and a live singer performed some Italian songs.

The food was pretty nice, but I’ve dined at places just as comparable in service, ambience, and cuisine. The ~$5500 for two price tag was a bit steep, I felt. I enjoyed the attentive but undisruptive service, though. We ordered a la carte. Had a few glasses of alcohol, appetizers, main dishes, apres dinner drinks, and dessert.

To be honest, it’s a nice restaurant. But for the price, I’d go with gourmet French in town instead. The food was just not special enough. They didn’t have langoustine in that day, which I wanted to have. The signature Venice Salad was a garden salad with some seafood. I don’t know why, but I expected some dark leafy greens and other vegies like radicchio, but it was a light green leafy vegetable, I think regular iceberg. Disappointing.

Shin Yi Road Section 4 Lane 199 #3. 02.2709.1080.

For me, it was worth going just once.

Too bad the restaurant didn’t live up to your expectations. The price does look a little steep since you didn’t have a bottle of wine. Just how many glasses of alcohol and apres dinner drinks did you have? :wink: